Seasons Spa




The Cambridge

Enjoy a therapeutic Swedish Massage. Relax your entire
body with long gliding strokes to heal the mind, soul and body!
60 min - $75  |  90 min - $100


Swedish Aromatherapy

Let your senses relax you with essentials oils such
as lavender and moroccan argan oil. This perfect combination
of dead sea minerals and vitamins provide a pleasant aroma
of calmness and tranquility!
60 min - $85  |  90 min - $115


The Cambridge Plus

Let the heat of the hot stones massage and relieve tension,
and muscle pain. Tight muscles will then become warm,
relaxed, and limber.
60 min - $90  |  90 min - $120


Deep Tissue

Uses pressure and slow strokes to reach deeper layers of muscle
and fascia relieving chronic aches, tension and tightness.
60 min - $95  |  90 min - $125




Teen Facial

Created with the teen’s complexion needs in mind, this facial includes
a detox cleansing mask, gentle blackhead extractions, toning and hydration.
This treatment can help with persisting skin care troubles and set
the foundation for good cleansing habits.
45 min - $75

The Classic

This hydrating facial will cleanse and restore moisture, soften lines
and stimulate your skin with a natural glow. Our revitalizing creams
and customized masks will complement your overall radiance.
Suitable for both women & men!
60 min - $90

Ultimate Anti-Aging

Treat you skin to optimal hydration and brightening. Renew collagen
and smooth fine lines. Let your inner beauty shine through and
rejuvenate from within the surface to a new, younger radiante you!
90 min - $125

Mens Black Tie

Our multivitamin omega serums and creams for men, actively
fight the signs of aging, improves the complexion and restores
skin elasticity. This unique combination of Dead Sea minerals
will effectively nourish and soothe the surface of the skin.
60 min - $125

S P A   P A C K A G E S

60 Minute
3 Cambridge Club Massages - $195 
Add $60 for Deep Tissue Massage

90 Minute
6 Cambridge Massages - $360
Add $120 for Deep Tissue Massage 


To make a reservation, please contact reception at 732.765.6220 or Reservations must be made 48 hours in advance. Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance. Any cancellation after 24 hours will be subject to the club’s cancellation policy (50% of treatment fee). 10 minutes allotted for dressing and consultation.